Damages' Brilliant Season 3 On DVD

Out (finally) on DVD is Damages: Season 3 via Sony. This was a brilliant season for the hit TV show about ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and her protégé attorney Ellen Parson (Rose Byrne). Ellen is now working for the district attorney's office and Patty is trying to find the hidden assets of a Bernie Madoff-like crook Louis Tobin (Len Cariou), who committed suicide before he was indicted. And what a family this guy has -- from the ex-alcoholic son (Campbell Scott, who is truly great here) to the well-heeled mother (Lily Tomlin) ti the oily family lawyer (Martin Short) its dysfunction at its finest. Right at the beginning of the season we realize that a beloved member of the team is dead and Patty was sideswiped by a car, but it's a complicated road to how that all came about. We also learn a defining secret from Patty's past and Ellen finally gets closure for her fiancee's murder. It just doesn't get better than Damages' great writing, acting, this is another reason why it is a golden age for television lately

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