Cushnie Et Ochs Report: "Baptism By Fire!"

Cushnie et Ochs

The day of the show we felt prepared but not entirely sure what to expect. We had gone out the night before to Norwood as we had managed to finish everything in good time with no real hiccups.

We got to the studio around 10 a.m., we finished a couple hems and then everything was picked up and taken to the Glass Houses where we were having the show. We arrived at 12 p.m. checked out the space, which looked so incredible and then met with the hair and make-up team and dressers. We then changed into our outfits and did our first ever TV interview with Video Fashion!! Errr… so scarry! As our publicist Pat Werblin put it quite accurately, it was definitely "baptism by fire!"

It was so insane to see the girls all made up dressed and ready to go, it had finally all come together and we were about to release our babies into the world!! We followed the girls down the back tage and made sure everything was in place before they went through the revolving blade onto the runway. The music started -- "I Need a Freak" -- and off they went. Our hearts sank and we were both almost on the verge of tears but managed to hold it together!! The girls returned from the finale and then it was our turn to go out onto the runway, which was the most awkward surreal moment ever. It was combination of nerves, excitement and just generally overwhelming.Ba

The show was over and we were elated with the outcome, we received some great feedback from people in the audience and so grateful to everyone who came. Kevin Krier produced a fantastic show and we were so fortunate to have his team and Company Agenda behind us.

After all was packed up we returned home and had drinks with friends and family, then to Gemma for a large dinner party and then off to Pink Elephant for the big celebration!! Stephan Pompougnac of the Hotel Costes albums was spinning that night as well as launching his next CD so we knew the club would be pandemonium. We arrived with about 30 people, the doorman wasn’t too impressed with our man-tourage of beautiful gay lovelies, but the owner Rocco gave us a fantastic table and we had an amazingly hysterical night.

The morning after we felt vile so we chilled most of the day and Googled ourselves! And we were very happy to see that we had some really great reviews!

The rest of the weekend was a mix of relaxing and celebrating but the real work begins now and hopefully one day very soon we will see our clothes in stores and girls wearing them on the streets.


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