Crock-Pots, Deviled Eggs, and an Irving Penn Photobooth at the Slideluck Potshow

Elizabeth Thompson

Bubbling crock pots, trays of deviled eggs and chocolate babkas brought a full house of empty-stomached photography fans to the Aperture Foundation Friday for the Slideluck Potshow -- a recurring exhibition, in which attendees bring their appetites and artists bring five minutes worth of work to display in a slideshow. The Greenhorns, a Hudson-valley based nonprofit supporting young farmers, bought tomatillo salsa and set up shop along the buffet line to sell guides for beginning farmers and mullen, a smokable herb: "Most people only have relationships with plants they can smoke," explained Greenhorns chief logistician Severine von Tscharner Fleming. Nearby, the folks from Rooftop Farms, who have a 6,000 square foot garden atop a warehouse on Greenpoint's Eagle Street, were serving pesto they made from nasturtium leaves. The slideshow, which started after everyone had had something to eat and the sobering line for Brooklyn Brewery IPA's had thinned, featured work from artists like Chuck Close, Vincent Laforet, and Andrew Moore, as well as emerging artists including Jon Feinstein, who showed close-ups of fast food set to Weird Al's "Eat It, " Jeff Harris, whose "Celebrity Portraits" featured a series of shots taken of the photographer by Dave Eggers, Javier Bardem, and Billy Bob Thornton, and Yvone Venegas, who showed beautiful color portraits of scandal-plagued Tijuana mayor Jorge Hank Rhon's family. The Irving Penn photo booth, however, was by far the most popular offering of the evening. Party goers waited in line all night to pose for photographer Doron Gild, who was snapping complimentary 4 x 6 black and white portraits in front of an angled backdrop like the one Penn used. Preening and posing was discouraged by Gild, who instead asked subjects to jump in the air, spill their drinks, face the wall, and pull their turtlenecks over their heads.  "I want to do my Molly Shannon Superstar pose," one braver soul told Gild. "I'm with you," he said, snapping her photo mid-jump.

Photos: Elizabeth Leitzell

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