Courtney Love Reminds Lana Del Rey What "Heart-Shaped Box" Is Really About + The Most Twee Engagement Website Ever = Eight Items Or Less

1. Courtney Love schools Lana Del Rey on the meaning behind "Heart-Shaped Box," which the young singer recently covered. [via Stereogum]

2. Here's an eloquent argument against skinny jeans. [via Death + Taxes]

3. Check out the world's most twee engagement website ever. [via Gawker]

4. A lot of people have been griping (including us) about NBC's tape delays, which have led to several unwelcome spoilers whenever we go on the Internet, and now we can all vent alongside this hilarious new Twitter, @NBCDelayed. [via Hyper Vocal]

5. This cab driver in London has turned his taxi into a 'hotel room,' charging $75/night during the Olympics.  If, like us, you're logically thinking, "What about the bathroom?" -- he's got that figured out too: guests can just knock on his front door as the cab will be parked in front of his house. [CNN via NY Daily News]

6. Check out this cool re-interpretation of a briefcase by Joseph Guerra that references plastic shopping baskets. [via Design Milk]

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