Costello Tagliapietra Visit SpookyBear

Costello Tagliapietra
Designers Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra of Costello Tagliapietra hit Provincetown this weekend for its annual bear-themed SpookyBear Halloween party. Below, they tell us about all of the fun and some of the best Halloween bear looks they encountered. (Ghost of Billy Mays, anyone?) Take it away boys..

This was our first trip to SpookyBear in Provincetown and we thought it sounded cute. We went with our friends Rod Sayegh, Chris Bogia. who's an artist, and Vinny Lopez, who's a video producer. Chris and his boyfriend went last year and won the costume contest, so there were high expectations. This year, Chris went as a pinata bear and his boyfriend went as a little boy, but they didn't win. That was disappointing. We went dressed as garden gnomes, which went over really well. A lot of our friends pointed out that we had to do very little to our normal looks to create the costume. We don't really know what that says about how we dress.

There were lots of amazing chubby-guy costumes to take in. There was the ghost of Billy Mays, Mike Ditka and then all of the ubiquitous Care Bear outfits and stuff like that. There were also Katy Perrys and a million Lady Gagas, but we were very sad to not see at least one Willow Smith! Otherwise, costumes were pretty typical and college sorority-esque -- the sexy toga look, the sexy police officer, the sexy anything. Sexy bedbugs. We really love the idea of making non-sexy things sexy. That's always funny. We were thinking that someone should go as a sexy pile of leaves next year.

The other great thing about going to SpookyBear was being in New England this time of year. The beaches are so cold and beautiful and the sunlight is gorgeous. That's our dog Sam in the photos with us wearing a little sweatshirt. We made him a poodle costume, but we accidentally left it at home. So maybe we'll save that for next year. As far as our costumes go for next year, we're thinking we want to do something really huge and over the top. Like being an abominable snowman made of yarn.

--As told to Elizabeth Thompson

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