Cornered Style London Edition: Nika Urbas

Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin

How could we not have cornered this one? The sheer drama of her look invoked a double-take and her confidence was inspiring -- not even a moment of doubt in who she was or the choices she made in her dress that day.

WHO: Nika Urbas, MA fashion design student at Central Saint Martins

HOMETOWN: Slovenia

THE OUTFIT: The shirt was something that belonged to her mother from the '60s or '70s and she changed the buttons; the skirt and belt are vintage and the shoes are by Fendi. And the hot little socks with suspenders are by La Perla.

THE HAIR: She cuts it herself!

SHE SAYS: "Slovenia is such a small place and everyone knew each other in the capital. People would always question my taste and likened me to Cruella Deville. They would say, 'Do you have to always wear heels? Do you have to do your hair like that? Do you have to wear so much makeup?' So at Central Saint Martins I feel accepted but the only place I feel at home is in the tiny kitchen with my family."

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