Cool Is Officially Dead + A Mutant Pig Monster = Eight Items or Less

1. So David was right -- cool really is dead. According to a recently-published journal study, the word cool is now associated with  "likeability, friendliness, attractiveness, confidence, and success." [via Flavorwire]


2. Watch Amy Poehler and Reggie Watts sing about hair on a forthcoming episode of Comedy Bang Bang. [via IFC]

3. Wanna be this Parisian guy's live-in muse? It actually sounds like a pretty sweet deal. [via GalleristNY]

  4. Love these mugshots of super-dapper Australian criminals from the 1920s. [via Laughing Squid]

  5. Oh my WORD. This mutant pig monster recently reared its hella ugly head in China. [via BuzzFeed]

  6. Chris Brown -- yes that Chris Brown -- teamed up with Ron English on an art show that opened in New York last night. Animal NY was there, and reports: "An awesome artist Chris Brown isn't."

  7. Daily Intel has an amazing gallery of people cleaning Sarah Jessica Parker's brownstone in anticipation of her Obama fundraiser on Thursday.

  8. Garden party nails. [via Laughter Key]

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