ICYMI: We Must Bow Down To Colton Haynes For Best Halloween Costume Ever

A blessed All Hallow's Eve to you and your kin! Since no one actually dresses up on actual Halloween anymore (except me; I'm sitting at my office desk with a witch hat/black veil), we must reflect on the costume smoothie of the previous weekend--the good and the -_-.

Fortunately, Colton Haynes--CW demigod, whose birth name is truly Colton Haynes--continued to dominate the celebrity costume game. With his previous years as Ursula and Princess Fiona (prosthetics and all)...

...Haynes one-upped those, and everyone else, with his (slightly terrifying) embodiment of Miss Piggy.

Well, some variant of the Ms. P, anyway--perhaps the iconic sow's no bullshit, perpetually divorced and LOVIN' it wino godmother.

Miss Piggy, of course, had her amphibian soulmate with her (TV actress Ally Maki):

She was feeling herself at dinner...

and let the girls out later...

...really out. Queen.

As any good night ends...

The real Miss Piggy seemed to have caught wind of the tribute, and responded in true Diva fashion:

God bless you, Colton.

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