Colorful Cool Kids Raving at XTAPUSSY Dance Party

Rebecca Smeyne

Over the last few months, a roving, quasi-private rave of sorts called XTAPUSSY has attracted a healthy following. It's basically a grimy polysexual dance party where artistic types let loose among low-budget lasers and fun, jerky beats. The crowd seems to come from Brooklyn but for Friday's edition (as well as a previous one) the location was a raw, grafitti-filled Soho loft, which might be a less remarkable fact if this were an earlier decade. Some people were overheard comparing the vibe to that of Berlin. Apparently the Soho space came courtesy of a major player in the fashion industry but we're sworn to secrecy about all that. Some of the people we spotted at the party included members of bands like Prince Rama, Liturgy, Bad Brilliance, Hexawhorra, House of Ladosha, and Mykki Blanco, plus DJs PHYSICAL THERAPY, GOBBY, HAYLEY PISATURO, ++4EVA, 1@1 SOLOMON CHASE, DANIEL LEYVA. Pics of some of our fave looks above.

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