Cocteau's Surreal Masterwork Orpheus On Criterion Blu-ray & DVD

Out now on Blu-ray and DVD is Jean Cocteau's surreal masterwork Orpheus (Criterion). This 1949 update of the Greek myth is set in the demimonde of Paris cafes and stars handsome Jean Marais as the successful, yet despised, poet Orpheus. The poet is stalked by death (in the form of a beautiful enigmatic woman surrounded by two motorcyclists) played by the stunning Marie Casares. Death takes Orpheus's wife Eurydice (Marie Dea) and he follows after her into the underworld through a water-like mirror, where a tribunal is being held to decide their fate. The underworld scenes that crawl across and down walls filled with souls stuck in limbo is scarily beautiful. Filled with endless moments of poetry, the film has had a rather rocky road on DVD until this superb digital restoration.

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