Coco Rocha, Linda Fargo, Michelle Harper and Joan Smalls Chat With Us at the Jason Wu After-Party

Alex Chapman

Even though Fashion Week is still in its early days, we're already feeling a little washed out from the past three days of festivities. With that in mind, we headed to Jason Wu's post-show celebration last evening (at the demure Double Seven) with a plea for Fashion Week advice. 

Lucky for us, we ran into Bergdorf Goodman head honcho Linda Fargo, who, at first, seemed to have something else besides fashion on the brain. "Are you going to ask me something naughty?" she inquired with a smile. Did she want us to? We weren't sure if we were ready to tango with LF at that level, so we decided to keep thing light: How could we stay as energized as her for the rest of the week? "Do it all!" Linda said. "Remember, energy begets energy." And just like that, she flitted away into the party. 

Then it was onto model Coco Rocha. How did she keep her head screwed on tight during the hectic week? "He helps me a lot," she said, motioning to her husband, British-born interior designer James Conran. And given her profession, we had to ask--on the off chance we happen to get photographed this Fashion Week, what should be our go-to pose? "It's funny because in a photo shoot, I'm very good--I can give you that," Coco told us. "But when it comes to these parties, I'm pretty bad. Give a little smile--don't be too fashionista! Unless you're in a photoshoot, you do not need to be giving..." "Angry face," Conran interjected, to which his wife heartily agreed. 

 Later on, we said hello to the immaculate Michelle Harper, clad in head-to-toe Jason Wu. What'd she think of the show? "The show was amazing! Everyone's freaking out on Twitter, and the reviews are all so positive." Speaking of Twitter, we noticed Harper is developing a pretty impressive following. What made her decide to get on board the tweet train? "My husband just got me to join Twitter, so I'm still learning it," Michelle said. "But I think it's fun! I call it 'taxi-time,' because it's what I do when I'm in traffic." 

Heads turned when the stunning model Joan Smalls arrived, who had walked in Wu's show earlier that day. "It was so exciting and different from what Jason always does," Smalls said. "It was very military, but still feminine--if you looked at the pieces that were military, yet they had this beautiful lacing embroidery on them." Also a fan of Wu's work is Smalls' cousin, who she introduced to the designer earlier in the night as a "big fan." "He came all the way from Connecticut," Smalls said of her cuz. "It's such a different world to him--he appreciates it and loves every single aspect."

Finally, we got ahold of the man of the hour, Mr. Wu himself, who seemed in less of a mood to talk and more in one to celebrate (and celebrate he did, dancing around every reporter who was too late to grab a word). Had he always been such an energetic party machine? "Today's about showing different sides of Jason Wu--things people don't expect!" the ecstatic designer told us with a grin.

Photos by Neil Rasmus/


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