Cocktails You Could Eat: A Boozy Ode to 4/20

Leslie Pariseau

Now that PB&J vodka is a thing, we suppose it's not so difficult to have your booze and
eat it too. But assuming you're not the type to sidle up to a bar for Swedish fish and whipped cream martinis, we've put together a little guide for anyone who may experience late afternoon tummy grumbling and cotton mouth. Here is your Friday meal plan:

Amuse Bouche
To pique appetites head straight to Rouge Tomate for their consistently ripe and fresh concoctions. Go for the Blood Orange Crisp, a lushly tart combination of vanilla rum, blood orange, lemon and lambrusco the psychedelic color of crushed velvet and currants.

Salad Course
Even when imbibing, make sure to eat your vegetables. The Celery Cup, a savory aperitif at Isa, will semi-fulfill that section of the food pyramid with an icy combination of vodka, Chartreuse, celery soda, and black pepper. It goes pretty darn well with the bar's super-salty, sticky chicken wings.

Main Course
Even vegetarians dream about bacon. Back when New York was overdosing on smoky pig sides with bacon cupcakes and the like, the Benton's Old Fashioned, a smoky-sweet mix of bourbon, maple syrup, and bitters, emerged at PDT and stuck around because, well, everyone still loves bacon.

Whether it's 4/20 or not, the Williamsburg outpost of Momofuku Milk Bar should be on your speed dial for all late night fixes. Fancy milkshakes combine the bakery's wacky soft serve combinations with the only other logical ingredient -- booze. Think riffs on the White Russian and frozen bananas.

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