Cocktail of the Week

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Dover's Granny's Daisy Is the Margarita Variation of Your Dreams

The waiting game for sausage and mushroom-strewn ricotta cavatelli at tiny Battersby may seem like cruel punishment. Although the food makes the hunt for a table worthwhile,it was ecstacy when the Carroll Gardens restaurant recently… Read Full Story
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Cocktail of the Week: The Golden Cadillac at Golden Cadillac

Photo by Daniel KriegerDespite its glimmering disco sheen, the 1970s were bleak years for imbibing. Yet in between downing Buttery Nipples and wine spritzers, there was the Golden Cadillac. This after-dinner tipple, which stands in… Read Full Story

Cocktail of the Week: The Hot Titas at Maharlika

Typhoon Haiyan left the Philippines battered, and with heavy hearts New Yorkers immediately asked how they could help the country heal. Many of them were led to Filipino gastropub Jeepney, where earlier last week dropped… Read Full Story
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The Jackie Rose at Apartment 13 Is Your New Favorite Autumnal Drink

In 1912, three days after small-time gambler and bookie Herman Rosenthal bad-mouthed the NYPD gambling squad, he left the Hotel Metropole, in Times Square, and was shot four times in the head. The gruesome… Read Full Story
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The Atencion Gratuita G&T at Toro

In Spain, the gin and tonic -- or the "gin tonic," as the Spaniards abbreviate it -- is sipped with reverence. Bars in Madrid and Barcelona are devoted to the bracing, bittersweet cocktail, and… Read Full Story
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Feel the Love at East 12th Osteria

Subtly smoked speck and Pinot Grigio crafted from mineral-rich soils are what one gorges on while in Alto Adige, the famous gastronomic haven in Northern Italy. Roberto Deiaco, executive chef of the glam and modern… Read Full Story
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Spiced Pumpkin Cider at Distilled

Photo by Alice GaoA can of Libby's pumpkin pie purée is just as mighty an autumnal symbol as crunchy leaves and phallic grocery store gourds. While we're most accustomed to digging a fork into this… Read Full Story

Cocktail of the Week: The Belclare at Grace

Grace O'Malley, the fierce 16th-century Irish pirate who spent her suspenseful days capturing castles and plundering fortresses, is shrouded in legend. At Grace -- the new Kips Bay pub named after this adventurous lass… Read Full Story
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Now that NYFW Is Over, Head to Lincoln Ristorante for a Negroni

All is quiet at Lincoln Center. The too-high heels have ceased teetering down the runways of provocative shows, and the pulsating club tunes have been replaced by the uplifting, familiar classical music for which… Read Full Story
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David Wondrich on His New Brooklyn Gin and Why the Spelling of "Whiskey" Is Nonsense

September saw the release of Brooklyn's latest spirit, Chief Gowanus New-Netherland Gin, made from an 1809 recipe discovered by spirits historian David Wondrich. The former English professor and author of Imbibe and Punch: The Delights… Read Full Story

The Dutch Gin Fix at Bathtub Gin

In his definitive Jerry Thomas' Bartenders Guide: How to Mix Drinks, the renowned 19th-century barman included the Gin Fix, a zippy libation with Holland gin, raspberry syrup, lemon juice and powdered sugar dissolved in… Read Full Story
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Children of the Corn at Sueños

In a few weeks, the pool parties will start to dwindle and beer garden outings will require a sweater. But one of the saddest goodbyes to say this summer is to corn. These sweet, yellow-white… Read Full Story
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Toast & Marmalade at Atrium DUMBO

As a child, Payman Bahmani would sit down to breakfast with his grandfather, who enjoyed beginning the mornings with a simple meal of black tea and marmalade-smeared pumpernickel toast. That fond culinary ritual is what… Read Full Story

The Black Eagle at Battery Harris

Back in 1988, Jean-Claude Van Damme appeared in a clunker of a martial arts film, Black Eagle. At Williamsburg's Caribbean snack den Battery Harris, head barman Saul Ranella's drink of the same name (funnily enough,… Read Full Story

The Grasshopper at the Butterfly

A seafoam green-hued Grasshopper, laden with cream, isn't the most common of cocktail requests. This retro crème de menthe and crème de cacao concoction -- which, legend has it, was spawned in pre-Prohibition New Orleans… Read Full Story
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The Lansky at Galli

Satisfying bowls of Fettuccine Bolognese are often the allure of a neighborhood trattoria -- not ingenuity. "You can only get so creative," points out Steven Gallo, co-owner of Italian restaurant Galli, a cozy, candlelit escape… Read Full Story

Hawker Bar's Exotic, Smoky No. 4

Chile-cumin lamb "stix" grilled over charcoal and plump Thai sausage buns invite an equally robust drink companion. Fortunately, finding one at Hawker Bar -- Prospect Heights' new ode to Southeast Asian street food --… Read Full Story
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Betony's Pisco Sours Are Worth a Visit to Midtown

To willingly venture to Midtown, there must be an incentive. On stunning, sun-drenched days the allure of Central Park is reward enough for having to walk at a snail's pace behind awestruck tourists turned to… Read Full Story
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The Eva Perón at Krescendo

Perhaps one of the reasons the trashy Long Island Iced Tea remained in the must-have drink pantheon for so long is because of its boozy simplicity: equal parts vodka, gin, light rum, tequila and triple… Read Full Story
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Drink Your Way Through Rhubarb Season With the Hook & Blush

Splurging on miso-marinated black cod in Gotham Bar and Grill's hallowed dining room may not be a nightly ritual, but now that bartender Jeremy Hawn has introduced a medley of vibrant cocktails inspired by… Read Full Story