The Lust For Life
at the new East Village drinking den Pouring Ribbons, presided over by the barmen of Alchemy Consulting (apparently big Iggy Pop and David Bowie fans), is a subtly smoky, cocoa dusted cocktail starring Vida mezcal. "While mezcal is usually a very aggressive mixer, we were able to temper the strong smoke note by using some other big ingredients," says Joaquín Simó, one of Alchemy's quartet of bartenders. Sherry, specifically the amber-hued Lustau "Peninsula" Palo Cortado, is one of them, and Simó deems it "a fantastic combination of an amontillado's aroma with an oloroso's body. Despite its rich flavors of spice and chocolate, it is a very dry wine." Almond syrup lends a hint of sweetness that also accentuates the sherry's nutty undertones, "while the bright acidity of fresh-pressed pineapple and lemon juices," he says, "keep the drink balanced and refreshing."

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