"Clarissa Explains It All" Is Becoming A Book

By Max Kessler

1.  There will be a Clarissa Explains It All book. Titled Things I Can't Explain and written by show creator Mitchell Kriegman, the book will follow Clarissa post-college. We'd read that, but probably out of morbid curiosity. [via Lara's Book Club]

2.  The New York Times warns against the increasing price of works of art: "Hundreds of collectors [that were active before] have been priced out of the market, and with them, a pool of connoisseurship is evaporating. Collecting, once within the reach of thousands of buyers with modest means, has become a rich man's hobby."

3.  Here's an IKEA-style, assembly required vibrator called aptly named "GÄSM." [via BoingBoing]

4.  Nick Cave and Nick Cave finally meet. [via GalleristNY]

5.  Amazon bought book recommendation site Goodreads and no one is happy about it. For example, Salon wrote "a shudder went through the entire world of publishing Thursday afternoon."

6.  R. Kelly created a soundboard for "Trapped in the Closet" called "Trapped in the Soundboard." You can play brief clips of each of the characters from the hip-hopera. See you in a week. [via Pitchfork]

7.  Your favorite overpriced nightclub might be overcharging you illegally. Some very swanky clubs are under investigation for surcharges like "operations fees" and "bottle service," which are not legal in New York. [via Eater]

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