Cindy Cindy's "Stay" -- A PAPERMAG Video Premiere


If your day is feeling just a little too upbeat, might we suggest checking out the new music video for Brooklyn-based songwriter Cindy Cindy's song "Stay," off her first album There Are 1000 More Stars. The video, co-produced and co-directed by Oliver Hartman and Matt Thompson (of the video production company GuyManly), is a love story and a eulogy. According to Hartman, "a eulogy seemed appropriate, for someone who might live the euphoric, schizo love that the music presented and both the highs and lows that can happen when loving so recklessly -- in this case drinking Wild Turkey, stealing cars, and driving too fast in the snow." The video was shot in Simsbury, Connecticut in the middle of a snowstorm, and the guys found the totaled car in a local auto shop. Recalls Hartman, "we paid a tomato faced man a hundred bucks to tow it to location at 4 a.m."


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