Chris Benz's Fashion Week Diary, Part III

Chris Benz
Throughout the madness and insanity that is New York Fashion Week, one of our favorite young designers, Chris Benz, will be keeping a little diary for us; documenting the castings, the fittings, the styling, the hopefully-minimal-freaking-out-ing... Here, in his third installment, Chris had to abort his tanning mission and realizes he needs to get his hair re-dyed.

This morning not only marks the first official day of New York Fashion Week, but also our first day of model fittings! T-minus three days until showtime, but on the fashion clock that seems like weeks!

So much to do! I need one of those EAT ME cakes from Wonderland that makes time slow down (or maybe me speed up?). Make no mistake, we all totally rogue-out and host sugar-free Red Bull shot-gunning contests at the studio! Sometimes we even have a venti iced coffee and book-end it with a sugar-free Red Bull. Hot stuff! And then give me a mentholated Japanese eyedrop, and I'm good to go. I was hoping to go tanning this morning, but alas realized my car (I mean who has a car in Manhattan?) was in bad parking for a Thursday and I had to abort mission and move the car.

I really need to re-dye my hair but I really don't know when there will be time to schedule it in. Mudhoney, are you there? May need a studio-visit, not gonna lie. I'm powder puff pink right now, but gotta get back to fiery fuchsia by Monday. As I hit send on this, we're on fitting #6 of 30. And Bruno Mars is blasting. Fine.

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