Chloe Sevigny Shoots to Kill in New Crime Drama

by Gabby Bess

Chloë Sevigny stars as a rogue cop in A&E's new crime drama, Those Who Kill. And, judging by its new trailer, the show seems like a pretty straightforward cop drama: there's plenty of murder, a suspenseful score, and Chloë Sevigny looking off into the distance with what we'd like to officially term 'cop drama crazy eyes.' Almost every variation of CDCE can be spotted in the under-three minute clip (off into the distance, in the shadows, while staring at an old photograph), and we can picture Drew Droege parodying this shiz in 3-2-1... But to be real, we're pretty much always down to watch Chloë Sevigny do anything, especially while she's carrying a gun.

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