Good Evening America: Drew Droege's Chloe Sevigny Is Back With "MODEL"

Just in time for NYFW, glistening gem, Drew Droege, conjures his imitable CHLOE SEVIGNY embodiment to inform us that she is, in fact, model.

"Mo-del," as Chloe says.

Chloe says, ""I possess a pea-sized book (pronounced Bu-uk) that lives betwixt my mattress-ees in which I keep my mo-deling hot tips," before launching into the webseries's famous namedroppy, downtown NY non sequitur.


"Awaken the skeleton with a bath of lavender gravy by Uzo Aduba."

"Shatter the skin with a bracing tonic of Best Foods Mayonnaise, Coca-Cola, and Sudafed."

"Email the photographer, 'It's on!'"

"When the crew finally arrives, appear gracious yet furious."

Chlo-eh breaks down her favorite poses to master, including, The Scarab, Concerned Counselor, Innocent Passerby, Scratch, Resonance, Karlie Kloss, Bottled Furniture, and round.


Our hero also gives a shout out to Marc Jacobs, who featured Droege as Chloe in a recent SS16 campaign, alongside Christina Ricci.


God bless you, Chloe.

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