Chef Steve Redzikowski On Grabbing Sushi With a Side of DJ Sets

by Abby Schreiber
(Photo by Justin Lee)

Each week in our Chefs Off Duty series, we talk to some of our favorite chefs and industry folk around the country to find out their secret late-night spots where they like to grab a bite and a pint when their kitchens are finally closed. Next up: Chef Steve Redzikowski, the chef behind  Acorn in Denver and Oak in Boulder and Food & Wine's recently-named Best New Chef: Southwest

Where do you like to grab a bite when you're leaving your restaurant?

In general, Boulder does tend to shut down pretty quickly but there's a place called Japango, which is a sushi restaurant and they're open on Fridays and Saturdays until midnight and they bring in a DJ. I tend to go there quite a bit. I'm a little biased about it because my girlfriend works there.

What are your favorite things to order?

Usually I'll get most of the rolls. They do this 'diablo roll' that I really like. It has a spicy tuna and tuna sashimi over the top of it. They do this one that my sous chef gets all the time -- it's basically a fried rice cake with tuna and avocado and they do a sweet soy [sauce] on it.


Any fun stories?

Nah, not really. When I go to other peoples' restaurants, I usually behave pretty well. [Laughs]

Japango, 1136 Pearl St, Boulder, CO; Open Sun-Thurs, 11am-10pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-midnight

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