Checking In With Alia Shawkat

Whitney Spaner
You probably know her as: Maeby, the smart-aleck daughter of Lindsay Bluth and Tobias Funke on Arrested Development.

Now you can see her as: Bree, a meth-head prostitute in Cedar Rapids, a new film about a wild weekend at an insurance convention, directed by her friend Miguel Arteta and starring Ed Helms, Anne Heche and John C. Reilly.

To prepare for the role she: "watched Intervention, like the episode with the girl where she takes off all her clothes and is like bouncing around."

What it's like to make out with Ed Helms: "He's a lot more old fashioned than you'd think he is. I've worked with a lot of gross comedians so I was expecting him to be raunchy and make dirty jokes, but he was much more of a Southern gentleman. I played the more aggressive one because I'm like, 'I'm in character!' He was blushing at the end."

On shooting the film in small-town Michigan: "We'd hang out and play Rummikub at our little Holiday Inn. Everyone had their own room, so it felt like we were a soccer team or something.

And now that she's back at home in L.A.: "I've been focusing on drawing. My ideal would be to have an animated show -- kind of like something on Adult Swim."

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