Check Out Seth Bogart and Brande Bytheway's Hollywood Nailz (Paper Premiere)

Hollywood Nailz, the awesomely off-beat variety show from Seth Bogart (Hunx and His Punx) and Brande Bytheway, premieres today and we've got a couple of exclusive segments for 'ya. First, behold an invention to end all inventions (or at least fast food drive-thru rage) in "The Dipping Station"; next watch an infomercial for an inter-planetary love line in "1-800-69-URANUS"; and finally meet Stephen, a glamorous hair stylist to the stars (who reminds us a little bit of Ken Paves...is that mean?) in "It's Stephen!!!" Watch all three exclusive clips below and head over to the Hollywood Nailz website to scope the full episode. 

"The Dipping Station"


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