Chatting with Joe Jonas, Sky Ferreira and Leigh Lezark at the CKOne Shock Party

Alex Chapman

Last night, the folks of Calvin Klein threw a shindig in the basement of the West Village's dive bar-esque Gunbar in honor of CKOne Shock, the brand's newest fragrance for him or her. The event was hosted by man about town William Vitiello and featured "special guest" Sky Ferreira, who's featured in the Shock campaign and most recently performed on top of a roof for the Givenchy afterparty in Paris.

"It was amazing -- I had confetti, fireworks, Kanye, Ciara, Gisele -- I had it all!" the jovial songbird told us. And how does it feel to have her face posted up on a giant CK One billboard in Soho? "I look a little silly in the ad, to be fair. Everyone looks really sexy, but I look ridiculous." We disagree, Ms. Ferreira!

Not soon after chatting with Ferriera, we bumped into the always stunning Leigh Lezark, who was DJing the event with her Misshapes cohort Greg K. But wait...wasn't she literally just in Paris? "I landed an hour ago!" Leigh told us. "I changed in the car, did my make-up in the car, and now I'm finally winding down."

Being it was a perfume party, we wondered if Leigh could recall the first scent she ever donned -- something elegant, we're sure. "I don't remember what it was called, but I had it when I was like 7. It smelled like baby prostitutes." Touché, Lezark.

As we bid the Fashion Week wonder woman adieu (She then began to blast Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," which we'll take as her way of saying it was nice to meet us), we were introduced to Ian Mellancamp, nephew of singer John and buzzed-about model/musician notably featured in the CK One campaigns.

Did he enjoy working in "the box," a cube-like platform in which all the models (including Cassie and Lara Stone) were filmed and photographed together for the campaign?

"There was one scene where I had to make out [with another model] a bit, and that was my first time doing that on camera," the handsome Mellencamp told us. We later viewed the scene in question on a screen showing footage of the campaign -- a pro.

After hobnobbing with guests like the delightful Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT
and the always-sweet Aly Hilfiger, we noticed the night's hunkiest attendees, Chase
and sometimes-CK model (and PAPERMAG Summer Issue cover star) Joe Jonas, had straggled in late for some last second fun.

While the Gossip Girl guy was less-than-chatty (and only at the party for about 20 minutes), we got a chance to talk scents with the Jonas with mostest. What was his first cologne? "I think it was Prada," the dapper musician said as he was being ushered away by his handlers into the night. "I can't remember what it was called -- I was 13 and just so excited to even be wearing cologne."

And then he was gone. Prada cologne at 13, though? Not too shabby.

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