Chatting With Fashion Week's Cutest Couple Erin Fetherston and Gabe Saporta

Alex Catarinella
Photos by Atisha Paulson
Erin Fetherston's chic S/S 12 presentation, held last night at Milk Studios, boasted vibrant, sophisticated, flirty and downright adorable party frocks. Equally adorable was Erin and her signature perfect blonde bob, who was worried whether or not the living mannequins on display were doing okay. The adorable barometer, however, officially exploded after seeing her man, Cobra Starship lead singer (and Lanvin-clad!) Gabe Saporta there to support his lady. PAPERMAG caught up with the couple for a little chit-chat.

Alex Catarinella: So, Gabe, you're about to go on tour with Justin Bieber in South America! Discuss.
Gabe Saporta: A couple years ago, we played some radio shows with him and I challenged him to a dance-off via Twitter but he had a broken leg. So, I knew I'd win by default. He ended up coming on stage and playing drums with us. He's an amazing drummer. 

AC: Are you a Bieber fan? 
I mean, I'm not his target demographic but I have only good things to say about him. He's super talented, he's a really nice guy and you've gotta give it to him -- he didn't have it handed to him, he worked for it. 

AC: You're all over the place lately! First the VMA pre-show with Sabi... what's next?
GS: This week we're doing Jay Leno. We're filming the finale of America's Got Talent.  We just shot an episode of 90210. We had to play the really difficult role of Cobra Starship. 

AC: How's Fashion Week treating you this time? 
GS: Fashion Week is great but I only have two days of Fashion Week. I really flew home for my girlfriend's show. I'm going to Simon Spurr and Timo Weiland and then Monday I'm back to L.A.

AC: Erin, how did you prepare for the madness this week? Has Gabe helped you out? 
Erin Fetherston: He did help me out a lot. I had to leave home in the middle of the day one day just to go running because I needed to let it out. There was an hour break between models coming in and I was like, "I've gotta go running!" But you know, I actually just try to not fall into that cliche of the Fashion Week mania. Yes, it's a lot to put together a fashion show because you deal with variables behind your control. But I always try to keep a very calm tone for myself and for my office and try to just think about other people too. It's not about me, me, me. I feel so sympathetic to the models who are running around all week long. They're really troopers, they're really amazing.

AC: How do you think the presentation's going?
EF: I think it looks good. I hope the girls are okay standing there. 

AC: That's sweet. What sign are you? Do you follow Astrology? 
EF: Oh yes, I follow it a lot. I'm on the cusp of Leo/Virgo. Virgo's all about details and style.
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