Charlotte Ronson On How Procrasinating Makes Things "More Punk"

Jake Stavis

If Rachel Antonoff's show was the high school dance of Fashion Week, Charlotte Ronson's fall 2011 show was the popular kid's house party, replete with a slew of celebrities (most notably Kim Kardashian and Russell Simmons), a dancey soundtrack, and a collection that was ready-to-wear in every sense of the word.

"The inspiration behind it is a continuation of grunge mixed with traditional military and '70s
nomadic undertones," Ronson explained backstage as models like established bad-girl Irina Lazareanu and up-and-comer Charlotte Free (whose unforgettable day-glo pink hair stole the show at Richard Chai Love) got gussied up for the runway. Over-sized olive and mustard knits as well as cozy, cotton henleys evoked images of both apres-ski and the morning after wherever you ended up apres-ski, while cropped blazers and cinched, patterned frocks offered the collection a decidedly feminine twist. Hot pink eyelids, loose braids, and slouchy suede satchels designed in collaboration with Simone Camille echoed Charlotte's characteristic effortless cool.

"We always put off styling the hair and makeup tests towards the end when we have a better idea of what the look's going to be and who the girls are," says Ronson. "It's always very last minute. We talk about it first but by the end it's always something different. This gives it a little more of a punk feel. It's very striking."

As usual, the show was a Ronson family affair. With some of the biggest names in the business as your siblings, one might think some rivalry would emerge, but that's not the case with this brood. "Obviously I want them all to be here, and Samantha's a great DJ so I'd be silly not to have her, and Mark does it too sometimes. My little sister Annabelle [Dexter-Jones] is also in the show. I'm lucky to have that so I take advantage of it." 

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