Charli XCX goes punk in her new song "Break The Rules"

by Gabby Bess
(via Instagram)

Charli XCX doesn't just want to be "fancy," she wants to rock. For her new albumSucker, the 22-year-old British singer is taking the catchy pop hooks that she's known for and amping them up with youthful rebellion. "Break The Rules," a newly released track from her sophomore effort, showcases her punk influences -- from The Ramones to lesser known Swedish bands like Snuffed By The Yakuza. Even if you've been out of school for years, the song's anthemic chorus makes it almost too easy to shout along as she sings, "I don't want to go to school/I just want to break the rules." We feel you, Charli. 

Sucker is out Oct. 21. Stream "Break The Rules" below to access your inner teen angst. 

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