Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Is Baaaack

by Abby Schreiber

Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" is baaack. This time he's got everyone from Emma Stone to Julia Roberts to Ashton Kutcher and June Squibb(!) reading nasty 140-word disses but one of our favorites has to be David Blaine's. Zing. [via Uproxx]

Barry Styles will love you and leave you. [via Laughter Key]

New favorite Tumblr alert! "Villains Holding Koalas" [via Villains Holding Koalas]

Newly-minted Broadway thespian Chris O'Dowd got a caricature at Sardi's, y'all! Check out what the Of Mice and Men star wrote on it. [h/t Whitney; via Playbill]

Meh. [via The Hairpin]

"Nintendo Oui" [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

Quincy the pup is excited for a road trip. [via Tastefully Offensive]

ICYMI: Here's a Selfie In Memoriam from The Webby Awards. Goodbye #DuckFace, we won't miss you. [via HuffPo Comedy]

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