Cassie Ramone

Cassie Ramone
"Self-Portrait," 2012

Ramone is in the bands Vivian Girls and The Babies, whose new album is out Nov. 13. As an artist, she re-created an aisle of Walgreens at the 619 Arts Building in Seattle.

Describe your art in three words.
99 cent savings.

Describe your music in three words.
Tell the world.

Which came first, the art or the music?
I've been obsessed with both from a very young age, so it's hard to say.

What is the relation between songwriting and making art for you?
I guess they come from a pretty similar place, but there are differences. For both, I filter what I know about popular music and images through my crazy brain and see what comes out. But my art is usually more conceptualized and my music comes from a more primal place.

How do you express yourself through art in ways that you can't through music? And vice versa?
Generally it happens that with music I talk more about my feelings and with art I talk more about my interests.

How do you make time for both? And do you make music at different times of the day than art?
It really depends on the day. Some days I don't do anything. Some days I just work on one thing all day long. And other days I work for an hour on whatever and then call it. It all comes down to whenever I feel inspired and/or not lazy enough.

What are you currently inspired by?
I saw this really cool folk-art painting in the Smithsonian today of this huge Delta plane flying over a mythical land, by the artist Howard Finster. It reminded me a lot of my dreams. I think I want to make more pieces based on dreams I've had lately, because they're really vivid and kind of scary and weird.

What are you working on right now?
A shoebox diorama of a bar interior. I've been working more with painting, sculpture and collage lately because I don't feel like drawing. I recently made this collage of all the text of a copy of the New York Post arranged in size order. It's like seven feet tall. I also recently did this painting that is this insanely ugly stream-of-consciousness fiasco, but still it's one of my favorite things I've ever done.


The Babies LP, Our House On The Hill, 2012

Vivian Girls LP, Everything Goes Wrong, 2009

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