Casey Neistat's Amazing Hurricane Sandy Video + Mayor Bloomberg Endorses Obama = Eight Items Or Less

1. The other day we mentioned Casey Neistat was on his bike storm chasing with Sean Avery and now you can watch the result: an amazing video of the hurricane, including flooded streets and zombie city downtown. [via YouTube]

2. Here's a great -- and not bullshit -- infographic that matches peoples' TV viewing preferences with which candidate they're more likely to support. Frankly, we are so not surprised that 30 Rock watchers lean Obama and Deadliest Catch peeps vote for Romney. Just one of those instinctual things. [Buzzfeed via Flavorwire]

3. Holy hell, Michelle Duggar got a makeover. She looks ready for primetime, no? [via Buzzfeed]

4. Forgive us if you've already seen this -- we don't even know what day it is much less what meme we're on as a result of subsisting on flaming hot cheetos and mint milanos while cooped up in our apartment during the storm -- but we're strangely transfixed by this 1997 footage from a rave. SO MANY WHITE DUDES! [via The Daily What]

5. Reason #345 we like Newark Mayor Cory Booker: he let Hurricane Sandy victims straight up chill out at his house and and charge their devices after they tweeted him that their power had gone out. What a dreamboat. [via Politicker]

6. Just a little obsessed with this Burton-Bonham Carter family portrait at Disney World. [via Vulture]

7. Despite what this photo might suggest, Michael Bloomberg endorsed Obama today. [via Gothamist]

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