Casey Jane Ellison's "Touching the Art" Series Is, Like, Art

by Justin Moran

Art is an often dry and daunting topic to discuss, but comedian, "What the F*shion" host and vocal fried cult-leader Casey Jane Ellison tackles it with finesse in her hilarious new web series, "Touching the Art." In the series, she interviews a panel of industry experts (women only) with hard-hitting questions like, "What is art? Who cares? Why?" or, "Is art somehow better if the person who made it starred in Transformers?" We were wondering the same thing.

The series' premiere episode features revered photographer Catherine Opie, New York Times art writer Jori Finkel and "Four Your Art" founder Bettina Korek, as they sit wryly amused through Ellison's questions, but somehow still answer genuinely. When Ellison asks Finkel if she was being a "dumb idiot" for thinking that art was about "truth" and "beauty," Finkel assures that she was " just being a Romantic -- a capital 'R,' 19th-century Romantic."

James Franco also comes up, with Ellis referring to today's world of celebrity artists as the "Franco-ian Period." Finkel calls Franco, "a son of Warhol," which sparks Opie's brilliant suggestion that artist Matthew Barney should create a video of Franco being birthed from "the vagina of Warhol." We can only hope this some day becomes a reality. Check it out above.

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