Casey Jane Ellison Launches a Cult and a T-shirt Line

by Lara Casselman

Casey Jane Ellison of VFILES' "WHAT THE F*SHION" has ascended from her humble roots as a deeply hilarious, dryer-than-bone-dry video style commentator to being the leader of her very own t-shirt cult. In Ellison's newest video, we find her flanked by her loyal Casey-ites with names like "Feminisha" and "Soy," each proudly wearing their very own Charles Manson mugshot-esque graphic tee of Casey's face. "Everyone wants salvation, they just don't know how to get it. This is how," Ellison promises, with an eerie yet comedic futurism that evokes Ryan Trecartin's cultish "Center Jenny." And, for a mere $65 and your freedom, you too can be part of the Casey Cult. It's hypnotically compelling and, as is the case with all her videos, brilliant and hilarious cultural critique. I'm not sure how I found myself at the online checkout of, but all I know now is I want that t-shirt.

P.S. You can also catch Ellison performing at White Columns gallery this weekend. How blessed are we right now? Details here.

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