Carte Blanche featuring Kid Sister's "Do! Do! Do!" Is Our Music Video of the Day

Gary Pini

"Do! Do! Do!" is the new single by Ed Banger artist Carte Blanche and it features (stars?) Chicago's Kid Sister on vocals. The intro to the video looks like an old black and white Hitchcock film and we see a woman walking home on a cobblestone street.  She starts "drawing" a cartoon character, gets frustrated and when she stops for a little Chinese food, the drawing comes to life and dives into her computer.  A brief "makeup tutorial" followed by lots of people doing an Egyptian dance leads to a carnival ride and a "don't-give-it-away" ending.  Carte Blanche is actually DJ Mehdi and Riton and the clip was directed by Yue' Wu and Fafi.  Fafi is also a well-known French graffiti artist and illustrator (and Mehdi's wife) and that's her animation in the video.

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