Carla Bruni Adds Repetto to her Repertoire

The hot topic in Paris last week was President Sarkozy's recent wedding to the former model turned smoky-voiced chanteuse Carla Bruni. Most people seemed to think the shot-gun wedding was silly and Sarkozy's popularity seems to have suffered for it. Carla however is continuing to create with a specially designed shoe for Bridget Bardot's favorite ballet-inspired shoe company Repetto's 60th anniversary. Here is the picture of her shoe from the halls of the Parisian department store Printemps -- notice how her tag says "Carla Bruni - Artist." Really? Artist? After over two decades in the spotlight for various activities, including dating Mick Jagger while he was still married to Jerry Hall I think she could have picked a different title than artist. Perhaps now First Lady would have been better suited?

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