Cannes Calling!

My friend Bernard Zekri, editor of the French weekly Inrockuptibles is in Cannes for the film fest. I asked him what was going on and this is what he sent:

"Tonight (the 18th), Grace Jones is playing at Le Baron, yesterday I saw Lindsay Lohan at the Baron with a ridiculous mini white dress. Naomi Watts is here with her two kids, the Stones might give a secret concert at the end of the week, Glenn Close went to see the movie of Stephen Frears (very funny and people loved it). The bosses of the festival are worried because the right wing might demonstrate against the movie Hors la Loi (Outside the Law) talking about Algeria and France. Javier Bardem put on some weight on and is incredible in Alejandro Inarritu's Biutiful. I loved Cleveland Against Wall Street, the documentary about subprime mortgages."

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