Can Shirley MacLaine Really Take on Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey?

Ahh, Shirley MacLaine has signed on to the third season of smash-hit British period soap Downton Abbey!  MacLaine will be playing Martha Levinson, the American mother of Cora (Elizabeth McGovern), who is rival to the gloriously bitchy Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith.) Exciting news, yes, but will MacLaine really be able to out-frost the D.C.'s huffing, over-the-top eye rolls and clipped comments about plain-looking women? After just re-watching her explode in "the shot scene" from Terms of Endearment below, we'd say all answers point to YES. We can't wait to see Martha throw the Countess on the ropes. Give my daughter an heir to the Grantham estaaaaateeee! [Via Vulture]

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