I love how style bloggers really are a multi-ethnic, tangled "www": a world wide web of fashion, as proven by BryanBoy in Manila to France's Eleonore Bridge. From Mexico comes one of my favorite blogs, Retro Vintage Mod Style which focuses on men's fashion from a current and historical viewpoint. There are posts on everything from late ;60s/early ;70s ladykiller Gigi Rizzi ("The King of St. Tropez") to the Spanish Movida (Movida Madrilena), a cultural/art/society/style movement in 1980s Spain to Steve McQueen's Mod moment to comparing James Bond's and Brandon Flowers' white dinner jackets. Fashion does repeat itself.
I know the identity of the clothes-obsessed blogger, but would never reveal his real name (the internet does have some scruples!). The second year anniversary of Retro Vintage Mod Style is today with a special video post to celebrate. So Happy Blog Birthday, or rather Feliz Cumpleaños!

Mr. "Retro Vintage," What inspired you to start your blog two years ago?

"I've always had a big interest for the 60s, 70s, and 80s (menswear style, cinema, music, art, culture, & history). I thought it would be interesting to write a blog that focused on all of these from a fashion perspective, offering also a glance at current trends. Throughout the last 5 decades fashion has evolved tremendously and a proof of this can be found while looking at the clothes worn by those feautured in my blog, some of whom have contributed to define menswear aesthetics. I wanted to show my readers that in some cases fashion can be cyclical, what was worn yesterday can be worn today and still have that elegant and classy appeal from past decades."
Why do you like to remain anonymous?
"Rather than remaining anonymous, I would consider myself as someone who just like other writers, writes under a nom de plume."
Why do you love writing about style?

"My favorite part is being able to share and keep alive the style and legacy of those shown on my blog. Another thing that I like about what I do is that when my readers interact with the blog it becomes an enriching and learning experience for everyone."c