Buried On Blu-ray & DVD

Out on Blu-ray/DVD combo is Buried, a movie not enough people caught in theaters  (Lionsgate). The film, a palm-sweat inducing, claustrophobic thriller stars Ryan Reynolds as an American truck driver contracted in Iraq who gets captured by insurgents and awakes buried in the ground in a coffin with a lighter and a cell phone. And that's the movie. In similar "situation" films like Open Water, one is fascinated how the director, in this case,Rodrigo Cortes, cleverly manages to keep fleshing out the fear in such a confined space. Thinking about that helps the viewer deal with the frightening things happening on screen: the cell phone battery getting low, sand seeping in, or a snake slithering out of Reynold's pant leg. Reynolds gives a fine, feverish performance, and, if you can take it, the movie is one hell of a nightmare. 

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