Brunch Cocktails to Get You Out of the House

Leslie Pariseau

Rye Not at Joseph Leonard: Spunky rye, tamarind tea, fresh lemon, and Peychaud's bitters make a spicy partnership in this twist on a toddy.

Irish Coffee at Vinegar Hill House: It's widely known that the best Irish coffee in the world is made at the Buena Vista in San Francisco. But if you want to fake a bit of the Bay Area's absurdly pretty, home-spun twang and drink the city's unofficial cocktail, Vinegar Hill House does a fine one with thick unsweetened whipped cream floating atop.

The Breakfast Negroni at Brooklyn Star: One of the manliest cocktails by far, the Negroni may put hair on one's chest and a sway in one's step after half a dose. To lighten up the classic, the Star's variation loses the gin and adds lime and grapefruit for tang and brightness.

The Furreal Bloody Mary at Mother's Ruin: On any given Sunday, Mother's Ruin may choose to throw pickled cauliflower, spicy green beans or simply stalks of celery into the piquant mix, but be assured that every time the bloody is for real.

Rye Not photo via: Essential Luxuries.

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