Boyfriend Just Wants To Be Noticed In Her New Video For "Attention"

by Kyla Bills

With her signature granny-style glasses and raunchy lyrics, New Orleans-based rapper Boyfriend sort of reminds us of a cross between Lesley Hall and Kreayshawn -- not quite what you'd expect from the NOLA rap scene. But somehow the mixture of librarian vibes and lyrics like "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me now," works for her, creating an endearingly weird rap persona that sets her apart from the sea of white girl MCs trying to follow in the footsteps of Iggy Azalea.

In the aftermath of her recently released EP, Love Your Boyfriend, we're premiering her new video for "Attention." The visuals shift between Boyfriend begging for attention on the top of a train car with a megaphone and stock footage-esque crowd shots that have screenshots of her website superimposed over the top. It's all very "earnest Tumblr video." Give it a watch, above.

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