Book It: Images From Kent Rogowski's New Show, I Can't Stop Thinking About Yesterday

Brooklyn-based artist Kent Rogowski, known for creating playful pieces from everyday objects (such as his series of cut open and disfigured teddy bears) has a new show at the Jen Bekman Gallery entitled I Can't Stop Thinking About Yesterday featuring striking arrangements of self-help books that, when placed together, puzzle-like, create new meanings. "Everything that I wish I could be is an exploration of language, emotions and the desire to change and improve one's self. There is a self-help book for almost every moment and problem in life...the titles create larger narratives, which become portraits of emotions, people and events in life," Rogowski explains in his artist statement. Take a look at preview images from the exhibit below.

I Can't Stop Thinking About Yesterday opens today.

There is a Rainbow


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Beginnings Without End

One Day (detail 1)

There is a Rainbow (detail two)

There is a Rainbow (detail one)

Photos Courtesy of Jen Bekman Gallery

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