Bonnaroo in Pictures: Day 3

Stephanie Colgan

In dust-covered cowboy boots, I started my third day of Bonnaroo criss-crossing back and forth between two different venues to shoot portraits and then performances.  Add a PR miscommunication, and I was trekking all over the place! 

A highlight of the day included catching an unannounced acoustic set by Gogol Bordello.  I've seen Gogol B. several times, but there's something about that gypsy pirate Eugene Hutz that I just can't get enough of.

I foolishly thought I could slink in to the Mumford and Sons photo pit at the last minute.  Apparently, they let a pack of VIPS into the photo area, and the overflow ran out of the venue and reached backstage!  There was no penetrating this mob scene.  I stood backstage to listen for one song and then headed over to the media area where the beer lines were short and the porta potty conditions manageable (relatively speaking).

Not all photographers were allowed into the Eminem show, and I somehow made the cut.  Security was extremely tight.  Honestly, I'm surprised there weren't Secret Service people around.  This extreme caution lent an air of exclusivity and excitement to attending this show.  The photographers were escorted as a pack. After getting through one gate we were corralled near another and told to wait.  Why?  They had to let some VIPs in.  Apparently though, for Eminem, a VIP pass was not adequate, nor was an "all access" pass.  You needed a SPECIAL pass. Freshly scrubbed people who smelled of perfume and cologne were being turned away left and right.  Eminem seemed to be attracting a different crowd than the one wearing flip flops, beads and tie-dyed shirts. One guy with a fedora seemed especially confident that HIS pass was good.  The security guard said no dice. A photographer joked that the guy had a "fedora pass" and wasn't that good enough?

Eminem flitted effortlessly across the stage.  The music was so loud I could feel the hair on my scalp vibrating.  Hard to believe the night was just beginning then!  We still had Scissor Sisters and Girl Talk.  And I didn't even mention Bootsy Collins!  So much music, and not enough time!

Photographs by Stephanie Colgan

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