Bonjour Au Revoir Simone

Brooklyn-based band, Au Revoir Simone, aren't quite new to the scene (they just finished up a tour with We Are Scientists) but my love for them is forever expanding so I thought I'd finally write about them.  Annie, Erika and Heather (yes it's an all-girl band!) describe their sound as "triple keyboard action" and list their influences as "casio, roland, korg, alessis, rhythm ace, univox, yamaha and suzuki."  To me, their sound is more like magical indie-keyboard pop.  It's beautiful and hypnotizing.  Some of the songs on their appropriately titled album, Verses Of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation, sound at first like the beginning of an Atom and His Package number, but soon the vocals start and you suddenly realize that you have entered a completely different realm of electronic and digital based music completely.  Unlike most synthesizer bands, Au Revoir Simone's realm containts all that is effervescent and ethereal.  In other words it's lovely!

Listen to them at their myspace page and go see them perform tonight at Exit Art, or August 4th at the Mercury Lounge


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