Bill Murray Nail Decals, or How to Celebrate Bill Murray Day the Right Way

by Gabby Bess

Bill Murray, one of the best comedic actors and internet trolls of our time, finally has the day he deserves.

Thursday it was announced that the Toronto Film Festival named September 5th Bill Murray Day. To commemorate the actor's career there'll be public screenings of Stripes, Groundhog Day, and Ghostbusters, leading up to the screening of his new film, St. Vincent. We're personally bummed that they're not screening Space Jam but we'll live.

If you can't make it to Toronto to celebrate Bill Murray Day with the man himself (yes, he'll be there for a Q&A) we've picked out seven items from Etsy to fill the Bill Murray-shaped hole in your life.

1. Bill Murray Nail Decals

Nothing says "I LOVE Bill Murray and I'm potentially a threat to his safety" more than wearing Bill Murray's face on each and every one of your nails.

2. Bill Murray Tote Bag

For the insecure Bill Murray fan.

3. Bill Murray Mustache T-Shirt

70's porn-star, mustached Bill Murray is arguably one of the hottest Bill Murrays.

4. Bill Murray Onesie

For the Bill Murray fan that's also a baby.

5. Bill Murray's Space Jam Jersey 


6. Bill Murray/Wes Anderson Wall Calender

Four Bill Murrays for the price of one!

7. Original "16 by "20 print of Bill Murray riding a Unicorn in outer space

This masterpiece is titled, "To Parts Unknown..." and there will never be anything better than it.

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