Big Bird Costumes, "Romney Hates Puppies," and Rhinestone Obama T-shirts: What People Wore To The Polls

Hazel Cills
When Lena Dunham asked her followers to tweet pictures of their voting outfits to her (#dress2vote) earlier today, we realized the importance of voting attire! Here we assemble a few of the best looks that Twitter wore to the polls. 

@lenadunham herself in sparkly shades and a patriotic peacoat

@prisstail show somes funky love for the President

@agentlover and these Mod Cloth babes are definitely the best dressed voters today!

@willak is launching "a campaign to take back the color red from the Republican party." Please do!

Excellent hand-made voting buttons posted by @kellarkellar.

Community's Gillian Jacobs got in on the action in patriotic ensemble.

We love this vintage Isaac Mizrahi vote t-shirt! Worn by @KimberlyLLynch.

Check out @djunabel's star-spangled nails!

We could be wrong, but we think these ladies might be Obama fans? Digging the rhinestone portraits. Captured by @brendaakaginger.

@feelinglovely wears her voting best because "Lena Dunham is a wizard." We agree!

@tnewmstweet knows the true Mitt Romney (a puppy hater!)

Obama earring?! Way to go @Meagan_Pencil!

Nothing says "time to vote!" like a wolf t-shirt, you know? @leilclark

@stevieraya encourages you to channel your "3rd Obama eye"

@timothyomalley's Obama mask was truly dedicated to The Prez, albeit a lil' creepy?

@michellebot's patriotic get-up.

Can you see that @alsomoza voted?

@bearmom described her voting attire as "All-American construction worker"

Even Big Bird voted! Posted by @kelz242.

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