Beyonce Is the Light, the Truth and the Way

By Elizabeth Thompson

All hail Queen Bey. [ImWithKanye]

Last night, we were all Shaq passionately lip-syncing "Halo" at the Superbowl.

She had a baby. Like not that long ago. [EatlikeTheresNoEnd]

Beyonce flashed the Illuminati symbol because she is a beautiful, beautiful Freemason..

One more Beyonce GIF. [MichaelHayes]

The culprit behind the Superbowl power outage? Latavia. [BobbyFinger]

And the award for the cookie with the most on-top-of-it social media team goes to Oreo, who posted this during the Superbowl blackout last night. Damn. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Saddest GIF of the Superbowl. [MichaelHayes]

And moving on.....

Tortilla chips of death. [ClearlyDope]

No thank you. [Megret]

Next time you have to start an email with a "sorry for my delayed response, I've been so busy with..." sentence, just attach this image instead. [CampBasement]

Papermag viewing party? [Mlkshk]

Sweater of our dreams. [ThisIsntHappiness]

Us too! [TuffStuff]

Oh no, a deer getting tender face pets! [

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