Beyoncé + Jay-Z's "Blue Ivy Trademark" Denied + Smoked Water Craze = Eight Items Or Less

Abby Schreiber, Alex Bedder and Gary Pini

1. Take a sneak-peek at the rare 1965 Rolling Stones documentary, Charlie Is My Darling.  It's available on DVD on November 6. [via YouTube]

2. Artist Paco Cao has a new exhibition-cum-tarot card reading at (Art)Amalgamated Gallery (317 Tenth Ave.) in which he's fused digital images of deceased pop stars (Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse) with Old Master paintings. The art work has been reproduced on tarot cards that Cao will use during a live reading at the show's opening on October 30th from 6-9pm.

3. In case you were wondering, a) Beyoncé and Jay-Z tried to trademark the name Blue Ivy and b) they did not get said trademark approved. [MTV via Vulture]

4. Apparently the latest dining (drinking?) craze is "smoked water." [via Daily Post]

5. Ahead of RZA's epic-sounding film, The Man With the Iron Fists, watch the first music video from the movie's soundtrack, The Black Keys' "The Baddest Man Alive." Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney and RZA really duke it out over the last fortune cookie. [via Grantland]

6. Adele had a baby! [via D Listed]

7. If you're looking to bliss out at the end of the day, watch this gorgeously-shot black-and-white video by a new Berlin-by-way-of-L.A. band, PVTLVS ("Private Lives") for their debut single, "Last Calls." (Thanks Anton!) [via Vimeo]

8. Some depressing news out of Russia today: the two members of Pussy Riot who remain imprisoned have reportedly been sent to "Soviet-era prison camps." [via Hollywood Reporter]

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