Bevy Smith's Top Three Fashion Week Moments

Beverly Smith

New York Fashion Week is officially over but I’m still basking in its glow, so I decided to do relive my top three moments!

Top Moment #1: I left New York last Tuesday to attend Jessica Alba’s dinner thrown by Ten Cane Rum and Latina magazine in la-la land! I love the taste of Ten Cane, it always gets me in the “mood” for some “chorizo”! Or was that because I was coveting thy neighbor’s almost husband? I’m speaking of the gorgeous Cash Warren, J.A.’s fiancé. He’s so fine, but his daddy is even better looking (Michael Warren of Hill Street Blues fame --- get your vibrator and go to YouTube). La Alba is a blessed girl, with a successful career, the cutest parents (this side of my parents, Smitty and Lolly) and radiantly beautiful while pregnant! With all that you would expect for her to follow the Hollywood “it girl” formula: rehab, sex tapes and a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi (hmm, that doesn’t sound half bad to me)! Instead, she spends her quality time with family and friends. Kudos, Jessica and Cash; I can’t wait to see your brown baby!

Top Moment #2: I chilled in L.A. for a day and arrived back in New York on Thursday morning. I went to several fashion shows on Thursday, but the real show was at Style Guru, Robert Verdi’s Luxe Labatory! Honey, this is not the usual D-level gifting suite! This is Molton Brown, Safilo sunglasses (I chose some Balenciaga joints with an ombre effect), Wallpaper travel books, makeup and hair (loving you Massimo… It’s not just about the freebies -- the space is divine! Verdi has created a sumptuous moment that is part concept shop part my dream apartment! Complete with a kitchen, spa bathroom, terrace and a very comfy living room (picture me, Ms. Jay and Malcolm Harris chatting while I spoon crème fraîche and caviar in my mouth with a Piper Heidsieck rosé chaser). Welcome to the good life! Mr. Verdi’s publicist, the elegant Ane of The Rodani Group, informed me that the space is available for private parties! Mr. Verdi, I would love to have my next dinner party at your space, my only questions are can I “sleep” there after the party and do you have a condom/sex toy sponsor?

Top Moment #3: The culmination of the week was the Sean John show at Cipriani! You know an event is fierce when you’re locked out and still manage to have a good time! I missed the first Sean John show in five years because I was uptown procrastinating over what to wear -- is that what they mean by ghetto fabulous? Being outside of the show was like being at the club. I had potential dates with the NYPD (Yes, I will bend over while you “hit” me with your NIGHTSTICK, officer), photo opps (thanks Vlad) and liquid refreshments courtesy of Snapple. While everyone else was following Anna Wintour (she ran out of Sean John like she stole something) to Marc Jacobs, my friend Mimi and I decided to dine at the West Village paparazzi haven, Sant Ambroeus. Great minds think alike because Mr. A.L.T. aka Andre Leon Talley arrived later for supper. He proclaimed the Sean John show as one of the best of the season! With that kind of endorsement I had to hit the after-party! Puff is mainstream but in his heart he’s all Harlem swagger! Ciroc Vodka flowing, full on dance offs and speaking of dancing, Fame’s Debbie Allen was in the house (“you want fame? Well fame costs, and right here is where you start paying”)! She’s in town directing the all black version of Cat On a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway! She was chatting with the one and only Momma Combs, they both looked fab, but it’s no surprise since we all know black don’t crack!

Black may not crack but with all the ripping and running I was doing during Fashion Week, I definitely had a bit of a fissure! Now that it’s over, I’m going to go back to my life of leisure, cause all I really like to do is “dress and rest.” Until next season, SMOOCHES!

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