Bevy Smith Reports: "Kimora Lee Simmons Inspires This Big Girl From the Hood to Get a Handsome, Well-Hung African Man!"

Beverly Smith

I’m late with my Baby Phat blog and you’ve already read everyone else’s coverage, so I’m not going to go into so much detail about the clothes -- this is more about Kimora! KLS is major not because of the fame and wealth, no she’s “that bitch” because she wasn’t content to be Mrs. Russell Simmons! I don’t know about ya’ll, but if I could get a city worker with a good pension to marry my ass this would be my last blog -- I’m not trying to work! Instead of perching and spending all of Russell’s money, she built her own platform and has created a multi-million dollar enterprise!

All that hard work paid off last Friday when KLS gave us one of her most beautiful and plush shows yet! It was gorgeous, affluent, colorful and very sexy. Think KLS circa the roaring 20s! Cabaret, Duchess of Windsor, The Algonquin and Great Gatsby references, but with a hip-hop soundtrack instead of jazz! Thoroughly modern, especially since it looks like we might be on the edge of the next Great Depression!

Back to the show. My first red carpet interview was with Tyra Banks (thanks to BJ Coleman for letting Ms. Bevy be the only reporter on the actual carpet). Tyra is KLS’s best friend and she was sporting Baby Phat, a very “bootylicious” black pant outfit, titties and ass for days! As they say in the south, “only a dog wants a bone!” Ms. Tyra gives the boys prime rib with some au jus on the side! Tyra told me she is a New Yorker now and has no plans to go back to the Westside anytime soon. She’s even changing her resident status so she can vote here. Speaking of voting, my new favorite gal pal, Perez Hilton was in the house. He wasn’t just plugging MAC (his cute publicist, Jamie made sure he mentioned MAC lip glass, how can I get a check from MAC, I like a shiny lip!) and showing off his Sherlock Holmes cape. When I asked him about his favorite accessory, he said it was his voter’s registration card. Fierce! I nominate Perez for Secretary of State. His hair is a vast improvement over Condie Rice’s hairdo.

I interviewed lots of other folks but let’s get to the main event: Kimora and her daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee! What the haters don’t catch about KLS is that yes, she has all the ostentatious trappings around her, but what’s at the forefront of all the fabulosity is LOVE! In the middle of the madness, her true friends, her children, Russell and her lover, Djiomn, all surround her. Kimora was multi-tasking while I was interviewing her, being both a mom and a mogul. At one point her wee-ones interrupted our interview, and Kimora being the pro that she is simply incorporated them into it. They told me about their outfits which were divine mini replicas of the runway looks, including little tops with ruffled collars and pearls! Those little girls are going to be something and it won’t be a Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan. They clearly are being raised correctly. When I asked her about being a role model, KLS said she wants to inspire all those fierce little girls in the hood to know they can be whatever they want to be! I know she inspires this big girl from the hood to get a handsome, well-hung (I literally “gagged” over the Calvin Klein undie ads) African man. Actually, I already had one of those, except he wasn’t an Oscar nominated actor, he was just a bad liar (do I sound bitter?). I asked Kimora if Djimon “was her favorite accessory" and KLS patiently explained that that while her man was not a crocodile Kelly bag, he was one of the most important things in her life besides her children! If I didn’t love KLS I would have turned green with envy, instead I second Mr. Mickey’s motion and take it up a notch by nominating them the “cutest couple” of Fashion Week!

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