Bevy Smith Reports From the SCAD Awards

Bevy Smith

Guess who’s back….that’s right it’s Bevy, gal about town and the anti-socialite! I had to check back in to chat about SCAD (not to be confused with SCAB, that’s something out of Norma Rae) and their wonderful Etoile Awards ceremony last night!

Little background, SCAD stands for Savannah College of Art and Design. Last night at the James Cohan Gallery they honored stars of style and design. The honorees included Robin Givhan (Pulitzer Prize winning fashion journalist), William Ivey Long (Tony award winning costume designer), Amanda Burden (New York City Planning Director), Cornelia Guest (philanthropist/actress) and Russell Simmons (no description needed -- if you don’t know who Russell is, dig a hole and throw yourself in).

It was a gorgeous event and j'adore Russell and Robin Givhan, but the highlight was chatting with Cornelia Guest. Cornelia’s mother was UBER socialite, CZ Guest. Cornelia and I chatted about her fashion inspirations, Fabrice (1980’s icon -- Google bitches it’s all about the POUF dress), Halston and Carolina Herrera whom she used to sneak clothes from in the '80s. We also chatted about her various charities (Humane Society and New York Restoration Project) as well as her plans for a “conscious living” television show. Cornelia explained that “conscious living” is a step above green, it’s truly a life change and includes smiling, being kind and loving thy neighbor! Even though she has such an upper crust pedigree and is a society page darling, Cornelia is definitely my kind of girl. My goal is to get her up to Melba’s in Harlem for dinner and then on to No Parking for some Dominican “treats”... now that’s what I call conscious living!

Until next time! Toodles!

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