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Beverly Smith

Since I’ve been gone from the blogsphere, I’ve attended numerous parties and shows, so I will dive in. Thursday night’s first stop was the Baby Phat showroom, where I was picking up my “baby daddy,” James Campbell, BP’s marketing director. You know how most showrooms are in frenzy the night before the show, full of meltdowns, coke runs and random resignations? Well, not Baby Phat. On deck was the statuesque and major celebrity stylist, Annabel Tollman fitting models, show producer extraordinaire Jack Rich was overseeing his kingdom with various other folks milling about, no drama. That is until I spied the E! Entertainment camera crew interviewing the one and only, Ms. Jay! Maybe it was the sequin tam (purchased from the church lady hat store on 125th) or my tits accessorized with glitter, whatever it was, Ms. Jay shot me “shade” sprinkled with love! Before, I knew it we had a banter going back and forth for the cameras, I tried to say no, but they wouldn’t hear of it.

Once I secured my TV appearance I was ready to dash! James and I hit The Daily’s fifth anniversary dinner at the perennial favorite of rappers and socialites alike, Mr. Chow’s Uptown. We arrived fashionably late; OK, we were two hours late, apologies again to my sweetie, John Rollins. We surveyed the room and found the lovely Mary Alice Stephenson from VH1s America’s Most Smartest Supermodel, David Gruning of Swarovski (just don’t call it bling), socialite Helen Lee Schifter, my Scorpio twin Malcolm Carfae of Calvin Klein and the list goes on. It was a very chic dinner; congrats to The Daily and may you have many more years to come!

From there we hightailed it to the Saks Fifth Avenue party for the Lipstick Jungle! It was quite the appropriate venue, since the temperature in the joint was about 105 degrees. Lots of media folk; I gossiped with the tart on the outside but sweet on the inside George Wayne and I chatted with Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood. Shaun and I “kind of” work together -- she also hosts Access One (the chocolate-hued version of Access Hollywood) where I’m a fashion correspondent. One day I hope she will have face and name recognition of me; I always get the feeling she thinks I’m one of the fans -- smooches Shaun!

My light skinned sister Meg Carlozzi invited me to the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton party at the Mercer. For anyone that wants to be a fashion publicist, Meg should be your template. She’s that rare luxury brand publicist that manages to adhere to her brand’s “principles” without being a bore and a snob. I arrive and spotted Mr. Jacobs in all of his blue hair splendor! I just love him. Marc, if you’re reading this, in the words of Diana Ross, “Someday we’ll be together!” The next celeb I spoted was the R&B singer Maxwell. Maxwell has always had impeccable style and this night was no exception, as he was channelled Malcolm X with a skinny suit, neat, tiny Afro, nerdy glasses. It was very Malcolm, and come to think of it, very Barack! Jennifer Espositio and her publicist, my pal Paula Rosado, introduced me to Maxwell. Jennifer, Paula and Maxwell all used to work at Coffee Shop together, and now look at them -- FIERCE! Speaking of Jennifer, she was a PROBLEM in her magenta Alexander McQueen gown -- baby got back. I’m doing one of my fashion dinners with Jennifer and we are going to serve T&A!

I also chatted with the newly engaged Joy Bryant. She met her man on the set of her new film Welcome Back Roscoe Jenkins. I was inspired by Joy’s story of love in the workplace. Could it be possible that I could find someone at a fashion event to make a love connection with… hmmmm… The party was winding down, as was I when I saw Ben Widdecombe from the Daily News, whom I’m friendly with. He was talking with that fine ass Esai Morales and I interrupted their convo to say hi. I apologized by saying “I thought it would be okay to interrupt since I have big boobs! (I had been drinking since 7 p.m. -- you try being witty after two bottles of champagne.) Esai looks deep into my eyes (my version) and says, “You also have a beautiful complexion.” Well, honey, hush! Ms. Bevy is not used to attending fashion events with straight men and I blushed (yes, Black people blush), giggled like a schoolgirl and exited scene left. As I was walking out Esai was standing by the door, I said goodnight to him and he kissed me… well, it was on the cheek but still, he kissed me! After a night of air kisses and distant hugs, raw, skin-to-skin contact felt damn good! Thank you Esai for being the cherry on top of my hot fudge sundae -- all that’s needed is some nuts! In search of “nuts” I went to the Spotted Pig and let’s just say the rest of the night involved a German, a Ryan Seacrest look-alike and Tuck’s Meat Pies! Don’t ask, don’t tell!

I realize this is supposed to be a Fashion Week blog, so my next one will actually have a fashion show or two mentioned!

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